Bespoke, personal poems for weddings, celebrations and events.



Like most good things, it starts with a big chat and a cup of tea.

The tea, unlike the chat, is non-compulsory but I personally like to opt in.
We’ll discuss the occasion for your poem; a wedding, a thank you, a birthday, whether it’s a gift, a vow, a speech etc. and then we can chat about the recipient; a partner, a friend, a parent, grandparent, bridesmaid, happy couple. You’ll tell me what they’re like, what they mean to you, share some stories or memories and discuss what you’d like the poem to say to them.

Through all of this I’ll be scribbling notes and asking questions, many of which may seem inconsequential ‘what colour is his front door’ ‘what does she have on her keyring’ but it’s the tiny details that help to make each poem so personal, I like to capture the little things, the seemingly insignificant things, the quirks.

Then I’ll squirrel myself away somewhere and write.
I’ll get back in touch roughly a week later - although do let me know if you’re on a deadline.
I’ll send you the poem in both written and audio form (I always think it’s nice to hear it out loud, and it helps with performance for speeches) then you can let me know what you think! If you’d like to make any changes, this is the time and once you’re completely happy - I’ll send the final version over.

If you’d like, I can also do a handwritten version framed with little illustrations, these are quite popular to be given as gifts or mementos.
I’ll wrap it in handmade paper, pop it in a poster tube and post it out to you.

If you have any questions, or you’d like to get in touch about a commission, head on over to the contact page.


We approached Georgie to write a poem for us for the reading at our wedding ceremony. We love her work and knew she would be able to create exactly what we were looking for, and she did! From only a few questions and a brief chat Georgie was able to get all the ideas she needed and crafted a beautiful personalised reading that was beyond perfect. We both were so elated to have some of her work playing such a beautiful part in our big day. Georgie is a fantastic talent and we feel so privileged to have some of her magical work sprinkled over our wedding ceremony.’  

Thank you Georgie! 

Polly and Sam Gibbs